Boathouse 19 is the newest addition to the Lobster Shop Family of Restaurants. It is conceived to be casual, comfortable, affordable and fun – befitting our dockside setting. With our unique location over the waters of Puget Sound, the fabulous views of the Narrows Bridge and the snow-capped Olympic Mountains, the maritime activity of the Tacoma Narrows Marina, and the romance of the railroad in our backyard – we represent everything wonderful about the Pacific Northwest.

We are excited to be a newer member of the community, but we brought a little history with us as well.  Our bar top is made from the old Day Island Bridge and our table tops are made from vintage Nalley Valley Pickle barrels.  The restaurant is named for its location at the marina and for the address on 19th Street.  (Even the last 4 digits of the phone number use part of the name – 253-565-1919.)

Below are a few other historical facts about the land we now have the privilege of calling home – Boathouse 19:

  • The land where the Tacoma Narrows Marina and Boathouse 19 is now located started off as The Snyder Brothers Mills, a Douglas Fir lumber mill, back in 1912.  In 1919, it changed names to Clear First Lumber Mill, which eventually went out of business.
  • Lindell Homes used to build all their homes down in this area.
  • During WWII the area was used to make graphite for the war effort.
  • The Day Island Bridge used to go right over the property.  (And did you know our bar top is hewn from that bridge?)
  • Earliest record of the marina is 1949 when it was listed in 1949 and was put back in use as the Narrows Marina
  • The Bait and Tackle Store at the marina started off in it’s current location in 1949.  In 1960 (approx.) it moved across the walkway to where Boathouse 19 is today.  With the new renovations of the Marina, it has now moved back to it’s original location.
  • On July 2, 2012, Boathouse 19 officially opened!